About Us

Our products are Made in the USA!

Our furniture is manufactured at a mill located in Utah. Our wrought iron products are manufactured in New York

Our niche is rustic furniture - we do mountain, log and western furniture, we even do a combination of styles.

We keep up with current trends and are constantly designing new pieces.

Your order can be custom built to your specifications.

Our quality is reflective of what we would be proud to own.

Our manufacturers furniture is found in hotels, cabins, restaurants, film sets, resorts & lodges throughout the country - they are very experienced in the marketplace.    

Our delivery schedule is 4-6 weeks.  However, we will always try to meet your accelerated or emergency timetable.

Our Furniture is eco-friendly. Our Manufacturer uses reclaimed lumber and standing dead trees.

Your material requests are accomodated as much as possible - from smooth, clean wood to rustic and stained. There are several combinations and options available.

A variety of accents and materials are used on our furniture to give it a unique look and flair-cut or carved panels, artwork, slate tiles, metal hardware, leather, antlers, nailheads, twigs, mixed woods, color --we are constantly in search of new accent elements to individualize each piece of furniture.

Outstanding Furniture Quality Standards Include:

CHECKING: Cracks or checks are a natural characteristic of dead standing lodgepole, they will not affect the stability or function of your furniture.

COLORING: Wood naturally includes grays, blues, brown streaks and golds. It may also featue knot-holes, bark, cadmium bark stain, cat eyes and other rustic markings.  We love the natural coloring and markings and do not attempt to "match" the wood. Logs in their natural unstained form will usually deepen to a golden amber over time.  If you want your pieces to match, we recommend finishing with a stain.

FINISH: Each piece is finished with lacquer so you need only wipe it off. Any dents or marks can be minimized with the use of an oil-based furniture polish. We don't advise leaving your wood unfinished as it can be easily scuffed.

DRAWER GLIDES: On the Aspen, Premium Lodgepole, Barnwood and most of our "Outtlaw" furniture we use heavy duty, steel ball bearing glides. These glides can hold up to 100 pounds. We also use a highly functional European glide which has an excellent quality record.

DRAWERS: All drawers have a three quarter inch solid wood four-sided box, to which the drawer face is attached. We do it this way so that the front of the drawer never pulls apart from the drawer itself. The bottom of the box is grooved and a plywood bottom is fitted into the groove.  The back of each drawer is numbered with a corresponding number in the back of the case for a secure fit. 

ALIGNMENT: We incorporate braces into each piece of furniture for correct alignment. This is necessary for the smooth operation of the drawer glide systems. 

BEDS: All of our beds come complete and each is prefit before it is shipped. The headboard and the footboard are always assembled. The log beds are numbered for ease of assembly. No metal parts are used.

HAND BUILT CONSTRUCTION: All case goods are fully bolted, glued and braced during assembly. With few exceptions, solid wood is used in the construction of our furniture.  Because it is hand built,  measurements may vary slightly.


Custom Designs:

We can build custom designs to your specifications!  For a quote please email us a drawing and dimensions at support@rusticfurnituremarket.com.